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08.02.2018 - Article

The Spokespersons and their areas of responsibility

Spokesperson Sebastian Fischer

Sebastian Fischer, Spokesperson
Sebastian Fischer© Florian Gaertner/photothek.net

informs media/press about

  • general lines of the EU policy
  • policy of the German Federal Government in general
  • foreign policy (CFSP/CSPD), General Affairs Council
  • meetings of the Ministers for Defence
  • economic and financial policy, budget (EcoFin)
  • justice and home affairs, civil protection

Deputy Spokesperson Alexander Plappert

Alexander Plappert, Spokesperson for COREPER I issues
Alexander Plappert© Alexander Gieseking, Ständige Vertretung

informs media/press about

  • internal market, industry and research
  • transport
  • telecommunication and energy
  • agriculture and fishery
  • environment
  • employment, social policy, health and consumer protection
  • education, youth and culture

Kirsten Joeckle© Alexander Gieseking, Ständige Vertretung

Press contact
Kirsten Joeckle

  • Tel.: 0032-(0)2-787 1071


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