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08.02.2018 - Article

The Spokespersons and their areas of responsibility.

  • Information for media and press
  • Assisting media/press at Council meetings and the European Summits
  • Interviews, Press briefings, Press conferences
  • EU-Press- and Information Policy
  • Online presence (Website, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Visitor's Service at the Permanent Representation 

Groups of individuals who are interested in visiting the Permanent Representation (minimum 15 participants) will be provided with information about the tasks and procedures of the Permanent Presentation or on specific topics of EU policy. Presentations will be held by staff members of the Permanent Representation.

To arrange an appointment please contact the press department: Tel.: 0032-(0)2-787 10 71 or 0032-(0)2-787 10 06
or send an e-mail by using the contact form.

Spokesperson Sebastian Fischer

Sebastian Fischer
Sebastian Fischer© Florian Gaertner/photothek.net

Informs media/press about

- General lines of the EU policy of the German Federal Government

- EU institutional affairs, foreign policy (CFSP/CSPD)/General Affairs Council (GAC) and Foreign Affairs Council (FAC)

- Meetings of the Ministers for Defence

- Economic and Financial policy/Budget (ECOFIN)

- Justice and Home Affairs/Civil Protection (JAI)

- European Summit

Tel.: 0032-(0)2-787 1071

Fax: 0032-(0)2-787 2071


Deputy Spokesperson Alexander Plappert

Alexander Plappert
stv. Pressesprecher© Ständige Vertretung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland bei der EU

German delegate for Working Party on Information of the Council

Responsible for Website and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

Informs media/press about COREPER I issues:

- Internal market/Industry/Research, (Competitiveness Council)

- Transport/Telecommunication/Energy

- Agriculture/Fishery

- Environment, Climate change

- Employment/Social policy/Health/Consumer protection

- Education/Youth/Culture

Tel.: 0032-(0)2-787 1071

Fax: 0032-(0)2-787 2071


Assistants to the spokespersons:

Thomas Wothe

Management of

Groups visiting the Perm. Repr.


Technical questions

Tel.: 0032-(0)2-787 1006

Fax: 0032-(0)2-787 2006

Kirsten Joeckle

Management of

Press Office

Press Briefings

Press Conferences

Journalists travelling abroad

Distribution of press releases

Tel.: 0032-(0)2-787 1071

Fax: 0032-(0)2-787 2071


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