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09.04.2024 - Article

The Department for Economic Affairs deals with competitiveness, space policy, trade policy, cohesion-, structural and regional policy, competition policy, telecommunications and postal services, company law, energy policy, media and culture as well as sports:
(*The Division for Environmental Policy is part of the Department for Economic Affairs but will be shown separately.)


  • Industrial policy
  • Internal Market policy
  • Better Regulation
  • SME policy
  • Tourism policy
  • Public Procurement
  • State Aid policy
  • Competition policy
  • Ecodesign
  • Technical Harmonisation
    • Vehicles
    • European Standardisation
    • Product Regulation
    • Information procedure for technical regulations
  • Economic statistics

European Space Policy

Trade policy

  • Common EU-Trade Policy (incl. investment protection, trade in services)
  • Bilateral EU-Trade Agreements
  • Autonomous EU-Trade Instruments
  • Specific Questions of Foreign Trade Policiy (in particular : generalized system of preferences, tariff quotas and suspensions)
  • Trade Defense Instruments (e.g. : antidumping, anti-subsidy)
  • Market access and origin matters
  • Textile trade, commodities, raw materials
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • Economic and trade-related aspects of the EU-relations to third countries
  • Export- and Investment Promotion
  • Dual-use items (dual-use regulation)
  • Sanction Law

Cohesion-, Structural and Regional policy

Competition Issues

Legal Advisor for Infringement Proceedings

Telecommunications and Postal Services

*The Department is in charge of most of the issues dealt with in the council working groups telecommunication and postal services.

  • Data Act
  • Revision of the eIDAS regulation (European Digital Identity Framework)
  • ePrivacy-Regulation
  • Regulation about Artificial Intelligence
  • Interoperable Europe Act
  • Roaming Regulation
  • Internet Governance (ICANN: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, IGF: Internet Governance Forum)
  • Telecommunication Issues in multilateral international organisations (ITU, G7, G20 etc.)
  • European Codex for Electronic Eommunication
  • European Declaration about Digital Rights and Principles
  • Issues with a Digital policy focus within in the Trade and Technology Councils (TTC) with the USA and India
  • EU-Digital partnerships
  • Strategy for the Digital Internal Market
  • Revision of the Postal Services Directive

Company Law

  • Intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Corporate and Accounting Law
  • Law against unfair competition
  • Insurance Law

Energy Policy

  • General Issues of Energy Policy
  • Energy security
  • Internal Market for Energy, incl. Electricity and Gas
  • Energy Networks / - infrastructures
  • Renewable Energies
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Labelling and Ecodesign
  • External relations of Energy policy (incl. Energy Charter Treaty, Energy Community)
  • Energy Technologies
  • Nuclear Policy (nuclear safety and security, radiation protection, disposal)

Media Policy

  • Audiovisual media / Radio and TV
  • European Media Freedom Act
  • EU-Filmsector
  • Media in the digital field

Cultural Policy

  • EU culture working plan 2023 – 2026
  • Programme Creative Europe
  • International Relations in the culture sector
  • Cultur-related Aid- and Solidarity measures for Ukraine

Sports Policy

  • Good governance in Sport
  • Initiatives and legal questions on sustainable sport
  • Programme Erasmus +
  • European sport model
  • EU-Coordination WADA

The Department is headed by Till Spannagel.


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