Economic Affairs and Energy

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02.06.2022 - Article

The Department of Economic and Energy deals with competitiveness, trade policy, cohesion and competition issues, telecommunications and media, policies and business:


  • Industrial policy
  • Horizontal Internal Market
  • Better regulation
  • SME policy
  • Europe 2020 Strategy
  • European Semester
  • Harmonization of laws / mutual recognition in the areas of free movement of goods, service
  • European standardization policy
  • Information procedure technical regulations
  • Technical Harmonisation
  • Services, trade, liberal professions
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Free movement of EU citizens
  • Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD)
  • Tourism issues
  • Transfer of arms
  • Economic statistics
  • Task Force Greece
  • European Space Policy


  • Joint EU trade policy (incl. Investment protection, trade in services)
  • Bilateral trade agreements of the EU, in particular TTIP, CETA, EU-Japan
  • Specific questions of foreign economic / commercial policy, esp.
  • Generalized System of preferences, tariff quotas and suspensions
  • Trade protection (u. a. anti-dumping / anti-subsidy)
  • Market access and origin matters
  • Textile trade, commodities
  • World Trade Organization (WTO), including multilateral and plurilateral agreements
  • Economic and commercial aspects of the EU's relations with third countries (USA, Latin America and others..)
  • Foreign Trade Political Affairs at the OECD, G7 / G8
  • Trade and Investment Promotion
  • Dual-use items (Dual Use Regulation)


  • Structural, regional and cohesion policy
  • State aid control policy
  • Competition policy
  • Public contracts / procurement law
  • Legal Adviser for infringement proceedings
  • Europe Legal issues of gambling
  • General interest


  • The Digital Single Market strategy
  • Review of the Electronic Communications Framework/ European Electronic Communications Code
  • e-privacy directive
  • Free flow of data
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • IT-security
  • Roaming
  • e-accessibility / e-inclusion / e-government
  • Internet Governance (ICANN / IANA)
  • CWP Telecommunications and Information Society
  • Communications Committee (COCOM), Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) and Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
  • CWP Audiovisual
  • Revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • Liberalization of postal services
  • CWP Postal Services


  • Intellectual and industrial property rights (copyright, patent, utility model and design patents, trademarks, WIPO)
  • Corporate, Accounting Law
  • Law against Unfair Competition
  • Insurance Law including automobile liability insurance


  • Horizontal issues of energy policy
  • Climate and energy policy 2030
  • Energy security
  • Internal energy market, in particular electricity and gas
  • Energy grids and infrastructures
  • Renewable energies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy labelling and ecodesign
  • External energy policies (incl. Energy Charta, Energy Community)
  • Energy technologies
  • Nuclear policy (nuclear safety and security, radiation protection, disposal)

Head of department: Norbert Schultes

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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