Defence and Armament

08.02.2018 - Article

The division began its work within the Permanent Representation in June 2001. It is led by an admiral, assisted in the substantive work of a deputy, and two speakers.

The chair of the Department and its staff advise the German Permanent Representative to the European Union and the German Representative to the Political and the EU Security Committee (PSC) in security and all military-political issues. He is also the deputy of the German Military Representative in the EU Military Committee (DMV EU), representing the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr within the EU in this capacity.

The workspace defense division works in close coordination with the management of the house, the German members of the PSC, the Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Defence with regard to:

  • Bilateral and multilateral coordination within the committees and working groups of the EU
  • Coordination with the EU institutions
  • Military Political preparation, monitoring and advice in conferences and meetings of EU bodies
  • Preparation of the EU informal defense ministers' meeting
  • Development and tuning of contributions to military policy issues
  • Taking care of / Reception of visitors

Head of Department: Rear Admiral Jürgen Ehle.

Head of Division for armament issues: Mr. Bernd-Ulrich von Wegerer

The Federal Minstry of Defence and the European Union

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