Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

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ARCHIV - 20.06.2018, Sachsen, ---: Man Holding a Baby in his arm. The Swiss global healthcare Company Novartis presses ahead with a for Swiss conditions generous regulation concerning paternity leave., © ZB

08.02.2018 - Article

Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

The unit for family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth policy is primarily concerned with: 

Family Affairs

  • Reconciliation of work, family and care / Work-life-balance
  • European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC)
  • Child poverty

Senior Cititzens´ Policy

  • Demographic change
  • Active ageing (Actice Ageing Index)

Equality Policy

  • Women on company boards
  • Equal pay
  • EU gender equality strategy
  • Protection of women against violence
  • Women and poverty
  • Anti-discrimination
  • LGBTIQ equality

 Child and Youth Policy

  • Youth work
  • European Youth Strategy
  • Structured Dialogue
  • Programme „Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion“
  • European Solidarity Corps
  • Children's rights

 Engagement Policy / Strengthening Democracy

  • Civil society
  • Volunteer services
  • Programme „Europe for Citizens“
  • Strengthening democracy
  • Prevention of radicalisation

Welfare and Social Innovation

  • Social services of general interest
  • Social entrepreneurship and social Innovation

Head of Division: Ralf-René Weingärtner

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