Labour and Social Affairs

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08.02.2018 - Article

The Labour and Social Affairs unit represents the Federal Government in the committees and working groups of the Council of the European Union that prepare the meetings of the Council of Ministers regarding labour market and social policies. The unit covers all topics that are the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Germany for instance dossiers in the fields of labour law, social security, policies for people with disabilities as well as occupational health and safety.

Key areas that are of interest to us:

  • European Employment Agency
  • Predictable and transparent working conditions
  • Coordination of social security systems
  • Access to social protection for employees and self-employed persons

We regularly support topics such as:

  • European Semester
  • Youth guarantee and its implementation
  • European Employment Funds (ESF, EHAP, EGF)
  • EU Agencies (CEDEFOP, Eurofound, EU-OSHA)

The unit is headed by Ulrike Geith.

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